About Us

A Word From "The Bible Teacher"

 God has commissioned me to teach His people His Word. I understand fully the frustration of being saved, called by God and just not know how to get started in ministry. He has revealed His Word and has charged me with helping to remove this frustration from His people and to prepare soldiers for the end-time ministry.
Since 1985, I have been on a mission to expose the Body of Christ to the manna He has rained on me. His Word is fresh and powerful, liberating and encouraging. It doesn’t challenge the flesh; it destroys its influence.
My goal is to train and prepare you for the Master’s use. I will teach you the proper perspective of scripture and set your feet on the path of ministry that will glorify our Father. Students who attend Bible Teachers Theological Institute embark on a journey into the operation of their gift of the Spirit. They have the proper perspective of the Word, are trained in their calling and are able to produce the purpose of God in the lives of others. An exciting adventure in God’s Word is awaiting you.
- Mary Banks


 Our Mission

Bible Teachers Theological Institute and Bible Teachers Worship Centers are ministerial education and training facilities committed to providing the proper perspective of God's Word. We are dedicated to training the members of the Body of Christ in their ministerial gifts and callings; enabling ministers to become vessels fit for the Master’s use by the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 


Our Perspective

We are also committed to worldwide evangelism, discipleship, healing, the perfecting of the Body of Christ, and the preparing of God’s people for ministry. Our ministerial training courses answer the prayers of thousands who are seeking direction in their calling, as well as deliverance, healing and salvation for the lost. 
God has charged us to destroy the doctrines of devils by teaching the Word from His perspective. This requires that there be no private interpretation of scripture (II Peter 1:20); in other words, the Bible interprets itself.
The courses, manuals and books in the Mary Banks Faith Library  are designed to teach the reader how to take the principles taught in each chapter and apply them to their real life situations.
These teachings are awakening the Christian community around the world. As a result, many have moved to a higher level of spiritual comprehension of God’s Word, and into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.